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Have an agreed upon schedule in place for Supervised Parenting Time?

There are times when a supervisor isn't readily available, consider adding a clause "On a schedule as agreed to by the supervisor and both parties." In situations where it becomes necessary to alter the dates and/or times for any given supervised parenting time, this clause ensures it can be done with the agreement of both parties.


Require Supported Parenting Time?

Consider including in the order "Supported Parenting Time" if the parent has been absent for long periods of time or isn't familiar with the child's special needs or requirements. This is beneficial in the interim, until the parent has become comfortable enough to no longer require additional support.


Agree on the details of the supervision?

In the event that one party disagrees with the details of the Supervised Parenting time (Grandparents attending, Parent driving, Location of visits), we cannot mediate between the parties involved and will recommend that they contact their respective lawyers. If mutual agreement exists, we can expedite the intake process and schedule supervised services much sooner.

There are fundamental supervision principals that we always follow. There are also SOFT RULES that come with the specifics of each case eg: can the grandparents attend, can the supervised parent drive, can the visit be done in the parent's home. When the parents disagree on these soft rules, we cannot mediate or negotiate between the parties and cannot provide supervision services until an agreement is reached. In most cases, the VP would temporarily agrees to the RP's conditions just so the visit can take place. Then the VP would follow up with their lawyer for resolution.

The only other option when mutual agreement between parents isn't possible, is to cancel the visits until an agreement has been reached. 

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