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Here are some testimonials from our clients.

"I started supervised visitation being very angry with my ex, and I did not realize how that was affecting my parenting as well as my children until Access Family Services Supervisor pointed that out to me after the first visit. My ex fought them because they had enough experience to see how my parenting was allowing a younger child to take over my visitation time, at the expense of the older child.

The AFS Case Manager kept my feet to the fire until I set healthier boundaries with my attention-seeking child, and I provided proper care for my children, rather than acting in reaction to my ex. I hated being supervised, and I fought it all the way, but in the end, I became a better parent to my kids, due to the Access Family Services staff."

“I engaged Access Family Services specifically because my ex had chosen them, after she complained against another supervision company I had used. Switching agencies to one that my ex chose was a risk to me, but Family Access Services turned out to be a great service. The various staff used were very attentive during visits, and very fair in their reports.

The supervisors had prior experience with difficult access situations. They were also very patient with the various machinations attempted by my ex to disrupt visits and attack their character. They could have cancelled the service considering the grief that she caused them but did not and continued to provide service until I gained unsupervised access.”

“The whole supervised visitation process is difficult for a supervised parent and child. I was unsure how my reactions or comments would be recounted in a report and I feared that I may be misunderstood. My child did not understand why we had to have another person join our visits. The intrusion of supervised access felt horrible, but AFS helped us make the best of it.

The supervisor helped make the supervision feel less 'weird' for my child, by accepting to engage with us in some of our activities to make it seem more natural. This was important towards helping create a more positive experience for my child as well as myself. After Section 211 I got my child 50/50.” 

“Access Family Services helped my baby bond with me. He was almost a year old by the time I received access to him, and I was like a stranger to him. A previous agency watched me struggle with a crying baby, as I was a brand new father and I didn’t know how to soothe him.

When I hired Access Family Services, the staff helped me and my baby. With the AFS staff’s support, my child bonded with me in only 3 weeks. He would cry for me if I had to go use the washroom."

“I was afraid of my ex, but I knew that my daughter needed to know her father. Access Family Services staff kept my daughter safe during the visits, and their detailed notes allowed me to know my daughter’s anxieties and joys as she started developing a relationship with her father.

Their reports came regularly, and I could count on them to provide fair and factual information that helped me monitor my daughter as she needed. The staff also ensured I was safe during exchanges, meeting me in a secret place at the beginning of visits, and also waited for me to depart safely at the end.”

“At some point, Access Family Services refused to supervise my ex after he broke the rules during visits. I begged them to take him back, because I could trust their staff to keep my kids safe, and to tell the whole truth in their detailed reports. So my ex signed that he would follow the rules, and they took him back for another couple of months.

They were also able to enforce the no contact order, after a previous company allowed my ex to come to my door."

“For years I tried explaining that my child’s behavioural issues were due to his father’s refusal to set boundaries and overall poor parenting. No one believed me, and my child kept being blamed and labelled instead. When I hired Access Family Services, their staff could see it from the first couple of visits. They wrote clear behavioural management plans for my ex to follow during the visit. That made a huge difference for the children, as they could fully enjoy the parenting time."

“Because of your factual and detailed reports, the judge was able to separate the truth from the lies, and now I can see my daughter without supervision.” 

“I have never seen a report as detailed as yours. Thank you.”

“When my ex pushed me into supervision a second time, I reached back to Access Family Services. Their reliable service and fair reports made me feel a bit safer through the muddy waters of divorce and custody battle."

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