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Golden Techs

Using a grant, AFS facilitated the donation of 100 brand new Lenovo 10e Chromebook tablets to seniors who could not afford one or were technology illiterate. The primary goal of the project was to address the issue of seniors becoming isolated during the pandemic. The recipients of the tablets were selected in collaboration with The United Way. The tablets were distributed to seniors through:

  • Two neighbourhood houses in Vancouver
  • The Lillooet and Sechelt Libraries
  • Non-profits in Cowichan, Burnaby, and Vancouver
  • The First Nations in North Vancouver
  • The Ismaili Care for the Elderly team

  • Golden Roots

    Through the same grant, AFS also created and facilitated the Golden Roots project. The main goal was to involve students in competing for a $3000.00 scholarship by writing inspirational stories about seniors. This project is still in progress, in collaboration with a Surrey High School.

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